About Yvonne

About Yvonne

Yvonne Robertson has lived in Don Valley West for over 20 years. Her family and her career have grown here. She is firmly committed to her community and to the vibrant, growing city of Toronto.


As a student, Yvonne Robertson spent hours rowing and swimming to many victories at regattas and swim meets in Ontario. This experience taught her the importance of discipline and focus.


Yvonne went on to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Economics from Bishop's University, in Lennoxville, Quebec and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from University of London and then began her professional career.


In 1997, Yvonne Robertson incorporated her company Matrix Power Services Ltd in Canada and began distributing specialized electrical products throughout North America. She married Jason Robertson in 2000. They have 3 children, now in their teens. Yvonne spent years expanding the business, parenting and volunteering in her community.  During this time, she relied on the vital skills of prioritizing and maximizing efficiency. 


Her professional commitments grew as she developed other products for her companies and brokered new markets. Sahara & Co, a wellness company specializing in all natural teas and bath therapies, has blossomed because of Yvonne's resolute focus. Having expansive small business experience has enabled Robertson to help many to successfully find their entrepreneurial spirit.


The Robertson family have lived for years in Don Valley West. Favourite family pastimes include walking through Sherwood Park with their dog, Biscuit. Yvonne supports many local charities and is especially proud of working alongside the officers at 53 Division through their Cops and Kids Programme.


Intelligence, business experience, life experience, discipline, passion and commitment are just some of the qualities that define Yvonne Robertson.